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Indya Nicole

                Yummy Colour CEO

Like many stylists, my real journey began after graduation. Some seven years ago, I couldn't wait to start working at a well-known franchise salon. Plain and simple - I wanted to lay permanent footprint in the beauty industry.

Night after night - I worked. 

Month after month - I worked.

Exhaustion set in. Doubt set in. 

I'd met the goals originally set forth at graduation, but


"I was not content."   


After a little self-evaluation (and wine)...then some more evaluation (and more wine), I realized I needed to establish something of my own. 

It's true what they say:

"The first step is often the hardest."

Oh -- and they weren't kidding -- but that leap of faith led me to create


Eventually, we must all seek to find ourselves

We must have the confidence to share our findings with others.

My own brand.

My own salon

My own products and services.


YUMMY COLOUR is my contribution.

It's my proof that growth is what the journey is truly about and I am so proud to share my contribution with the community.


Well...what are you waiting for?

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